Available in a choice of 4 colours (red, yellow, green and blue) these toothbrushes have been designed specially to fit the Brush Bus and the Brush Rack and are suitable for Nursery and early Primary School use.

Nursery toothbrushes are not printed with symbols and you should attach toothbrush stickers (supplied with your Bus or Rack)  to them as required.  A child's name can also be written on the broad handle if desired.  Nursery toothbrushes are 35p each.

Junior toothbrushes come ready printed with either Healthy Snack or Animal pictures to match your Healthy Snack or Animal Bus or Rack. They are available only in sets of 10 in a choice of 4 colours to match the colour and type of pictures on your Bus or Rack. £3.50 per set of 10 toothbrushes.

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Individually cello wrapped toothbrushes in a choice of colours (red, green, yellow and blue). Suitable for young children in Nursery and Primary School. Please see toothbrush page for dimensions. Fits the Brush Bus and the Brush Rack.