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The Brush Bus provides hygienic storage for 10 children's toothbrushes

Red Snack Bus no lidred snack bus with lid

Symbols on the side of the Bus are matched with symbols on stickers which are applied to your toothbrushes.  Young children can then recognise their own toothbrush.
4 sets of 10 toothbrush stickers are included with each Bus purchased.

There is also space to write each child's name on the Bus next to their toothbrush.

Choose from 3 styles of Bus that use different symbols: ANIMAL, PEOPLE or HEALTHY SNACKS.  To view the different symbols, click on the 'Symbols/ Wallcharts' link in the border on the left of this page.

Each style of Bus is also available in a choice of 4 colours:

An optional Brush Bus Cover is available to protect your toothbrushes.  Toothbrushes and Covers are not included with the purchase of a Bus but are sold separately.

Buses are manufactured in Scotland from UV stabilised, impact-resistant styrene.  Dimensions (without Cover or toothbrushes) are approx: Height 127mm x Width 120mm x Length 315mm.  Dimensions with Cover in place are approx: Height 185mm x Width 125mm x Length 329mm

All our products can be purchased from our on-line Shop. Access the Shop by clicking on the link in the border on the left.

Please note:  Most children's toothbrushes will fit the Brush Bus but there are a few that will not.  All the toothbrushes we sell are suitable.

four buses